Our Klub

Founded March 2017

Sitka Ham Amateur Radio Klub “SHARK” is a new group of Amateur radio enthusiasts that was officially formed in March 2017. We're an active group of hams in South East Alaska that enjoy exploring all aspects of the hobby.

We began with a few fellow ham radio operators who put their own time and money into setting up radio equipment here in Sitka and in doing so found there was a genuine interest with other Sitkans to become licensed Amateur radio operators.

Our club has grown from 3 to 33 members and evolved into several facets of activities which are all dedicated to communications. Our members consist of nurses, doctor, EMT’s, SAR, Coast Guard personnel, teacher, retirees and others all with an interest in radio as a hobby but also being of service to our community when needed. 


  • ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Service, KL4EL-Todd Dokey has been appointed Emergency Coordinator in Sitka he will be heading ARES/Disaster Communications duties.
  • AARC VEC – Anchorage Amateur Radio Club Volunteer Examiner Coordinator, KL2UF-Ben Downing is SHARK Team Captain.
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) - City of Sitka Communications. Klub committee members are KL4KQ-Al Stevens, KL4EL-Todd Dokey and AL7BW-Darryl Ault.