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Old Sitka Radio Club Boosts New One


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Created on Friday, 07 April 2017 20:16

Published on Friday, 07 April 2017 20:16

By Sentinel Staff

Walter Dangel, who was a founder of Sitka Amateur Radio Club, first licensed in 1956, has joined the SHARKs.

That’s the Sitka Ham Amateur Radio Klub, which has been newly established in Sitka, 60 years after Dangel, who came to Sitka with the U.S. Army during World War II, helped set up the first club.

Darryl Ault, left, president of Sitka Ham Amateur Radio Klub, presents a lifetime membership to Walter Dangel, who helped found the Sitka Amateur Radio Club, licensed in 1956. (Photo provided)

Over the years Sitka Amateur Radio  Club has grown inactive, so to help the new one get established Dangel allowed its members to resurrect and make functional the Sitka Amateur Radio Club’s two meter repeater.

And although he’s 95, Dangel (call sign KL7BUS) still talks on the radio and became a member of  SHARK.

In appreciation of his help and interest, the new club presented Dangel with an Honorary Lifetime Membership during the group’s general meeting in April.

“Walt’s a great guy,” said Darryl Ault, president of SHARK  who helped arrange for the honorary membership. “He has some good stories to tell” about the communications ham radios operators have provided over the years.

“Walt’s inspirational, full of knowledge ... a piece of history,” Ault said.

KK7i Richard Smith

2018 This years recipient of the SHARK Sitka Ham Amateur Radio Klub's Lifetime Honorary Membership. We all congradulate you on many years of "on-air" activities and the knowledge you have brought to the klub.

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